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April 14, 2013
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Being at Dave's house was... Pretty cool when you thought about it.

Actually... You might have to rephrase that... It's awesome!

You watched as he sat down next to you on a large sofa, after flicking off a few puppets that were in his way. 

He was holding something. He seemed to be  pretty happy with whatever it was because there was a rare smile across his face.

"Hey, guess what? Apple juice. Is this fucking Christmas or what?"

You smiled at his over used catchphrase as you took a bottle, muttering a thanks. You didn't want to look too happy. It might make you look... Uncool.

Dave  half watched you as you opened it. What? Was this apple juice that good.

Just as you were taking a swig, it dawned on you. He must have...


He smirked as he looked at you from under his shades.

"No, don't worry. But I did put a little bit of this in it, to make it taste like piss." Dave held up a bottle of expired apple juice.

His smug look was almost taunting. "John would be proud."

"What?" Your face dropped. "What happens to expired apple juice? I could get really sick!"

"No don't worry! It's only been about a week and anyway, it just turns into this gross tasting, alchololy-ish drink. Just don't drink too much of it."

"Urgh... It's still disgusting..." You made sour faces.

"Here." Dave leant forward, taking your hand in his. 

A large blush spread across your face and your eyes opened wide as he leant in, pushing you up against the back of the sofa.

Your lips sealed together.

Then just like that, it was over.

You blinked in surprise as you looked back at Dave. It was like nothing ever happened. He was back to sipping his apple juice, with no expression on his face.

"Better?" He was still wearing his shades. His emotions were hidden. The shocked expression and blush still covered your face.

"Uh..." You didn't know what to say.

He lifted his head to look at you. "Too forward?" You saw a raised eyebrow beneath his shades.

"I... Um..." You wanted to smile... But to tell the truth... You were holding it back.

You were scared that if you smiled you would end up having a giant, cheesy, lunatic, grin on your face.

So instead you had a half-giant, half-cheesy, but still lunatic, half-grin on your face.

"That's ok. I know we only just started dating." Dave held your hand again. Squeezing it slightly.

You couldn't hold it in any longer. The smile crept onto your face as soon as he said the word dating.

So it wasn't a dream... Dave really did ask you out! And you really did say yes!

All this time... You were thinking that the time when Dave woke you up last night by throwing pebbles at your window to ask you out was a dream... But... You two really were going out...

"No!" Your sudden outburst surprised both Dave, and yourself. 

"I don't mind at all! I... I actually... Really liked it!"

Dave smirked.

"But... I'm not sure if I'm better just yet..." You smiled mischievously.

"Oh really?" Dave raised his eyebrows as he looked at you.

Before you could do anything about it, Dave had pulled you over so your head was on his lap, and he took his shades off.

You had to stop to admire his eyes. They were a beautiful crimson, clear and looking into yours. You wished you got to see them more often.

And for once, you could see what he was feeling.

He had a wide smile on his face and his eyes glistened like stars... He was happy.

You couldn't help being happy just like him. 

He leant in, ready to kiss you.


A single sound set Dave off. He pulled you up. 


You watched with blush completely covering your face as Dave's Bro moved from his leaning position on the wall with Lil' Cal sitting on his shoulder to quickly jumping out the door. Only saying a few words as he left.

"There's condoms in the cupboard under the sink!"


You smiled to yourself. 

Since you were too busy daydreaming about Dave, you didn't notice him exchange a wink and a fist bump with his bro. 

If only you knew.
Please don't kill me for the clichès! Like throwing pebbles at the girls window and stuff like that...
Also... I don't think this needed a warning for the, foul language or the references to condoms... It wasn't really that bad. But if you think it needs a warning, just tell me. 
I did this as a half-gift-half-request for my friend - :iconjesspotatomeow: who's crazy about Dave. 
If you think you would like to see me do another Homestuck x reader then tell me! And tell me who you think I should do next!
Dave and Dirk belong to Hussie.
And technically, the character that represents you I made up so... You're all mine! X3
Feel free to share my art but please give me credit!
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